The Health eHeart Alliance Debuts a New Approach to Collaborative Research

  For the last year, with Groupaya’s favorite collaboration ninja Rebecca Petzel, I have had the pleasure of working on a ground-breaking project for medical research. With the stellar Health eHeart Study team at UCSF and a dozen patient and patient organization representatives, we have been slowly building a new kind of network — an alliance between […]

Defining and Designing Successful Conversations – Reflections on the Delta Dialogues.

  Groupaya recently wrapped up a two-year project facilitating a series of dialogues around contentious water issues in California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta.  As we reflected on the process of facilitating the Delta Dialogues, we found ourselves reflecting on the process of dialogue itself – how do we design for success, and how do we measure […]

A Collaborative Process X-Ray

I recently had the privilege of co-designing and facilitating a three month experiment called Aligning for Impact. Building off an initial probe we  wrote about last year, it was designed to explore how funders — all working towards similar goals — might be more collectively strategic and harness their network potential. Our hypothesis was that a […]