Groupaya Brown Bag Discussions

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We hold learning in the highest regard. It’s a critical part of what we do with clients, and it needs to be a critical part of Groupaya the organization.

In order to create more space to learn from each other, we’ve decided to start doing informal brown bag sessions every Thursday at noon at Fiore Caffe in San Francisco. And since we’re all about learning with community, we figured we’d open these up to anyone who’d like to participate.

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area and you’d like to participate, please leave a comment below so we know how many to expect, and come join us! It will be a great way to meet all three of us in the flesh and to learn with us.

Photo by WarzauWynn. Licensed CC-BY-NC-ND.

I’ll be leading this Thursday’s (November 10) brown bag in a session I’m tentatively calling, “Saving The World Through Better Note-Taking.” I’m going to be sharing some ideas I’ve had for a long-time about the role of artifacts in effective collaboration, followed by what I hope will be some rousing discussion.

This will also be somewhat of a practice run for me, as I’ll be doing a similar brown bag in Portland and possibly Seattle next week. If you’re in either of those cities and would like to participate or simply meet up next week, please note that in the comments below as well.

Hope to see you at our brown bag this Thursday!

  • planspark

    Alas, I will be traveling this Thursday. Wonder what you might think of this note-taking method:

    • eekim

      Sorry we’ll miss you, Tim. :-(

      Thanks for sharing the video! Other than being three minutes longer than it needed to be, I liked what this guy said. :-) One of the things I plan on talking about on Thursday is being intentional about why you’re taking notes and what you’re trying to get out of it. I think we all have implicit goals, but it’s a very useful exercise to be explicit, as it may suggest better ways to take notes. And when it comes to shared note-taking (which is where this stuff starts intersecting with collaboration), it’s not just a nice-to-have, it’s critical.

  • Lauren Nham

    Hi Eugene, look forward to seeing you and the rest of the crew this Thursday! :)


    • eekim

      @Lauren Nham Great, see you there, Lauren.

  • annchao

    I would be interested in participating, Eugene!

    • eekim

      @annchao Excellent, Ann! Definitely join us. Will be great to catch up and introduce you to the team!

    • eekim

      @annchao Excellent, Ann! Definitely join us. Will be great to catch up and introduce you to the team!

  • joseph.blaylock

    I would love to come but sadly have a lunch appointment already. I hope you’ll be recording?

    • eekim

      @joseph.blaylock If we can set up a Flip camera at the coffee shop, we will. Or maybe we should try having all of us be on Google Hangouts at the same time as an experiment? Would probably cause the coffee shop Internet to explode! :-)

      • joseph.blaylock

        @eekim I’ll be offline, so Hangout won’t help me, unless… has screen cap for Hangout become available while I wasn’t looking?

        If the Flip doesn’t work out, I’d settle for laptop webcam. :-)

        • eekim

          @joseph.blaylock Don’t think there’s screen cap yet. We’ll try the Flip, and we’ll look forward to having you there for real the next time.

  • davidgljay

    I’m in Florida on Thursday, but look forward to participating in the future!

    • eekim

      @davidgljay Sorry we’ll miss you this time around, David, but we’ll be happy to see you at a future gathering. In fact, I have a suspicion you’ll be leading one of our future brown bags, as we’d all like to learn from you! :-)

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