Brown Bag: The Secret Life of Groups


Have you ever worked on a good team that you knew had the potential to be a great team, but somehow just didn’t happen? Are you curious about why groups — be they a family, a leadership team, or a project team — sometimes get stuck? Do you ever wonder how to un-stick them? If so, come to this Thursday’s brown bag lunch, where I will be sharing a framework that makes visible the invisible dynamics of groups, based on the work of family systems theorist David Kantor.

If you want to join the conversation, please RSVP in the comments below. Thanks!

  • SvenDowideit

    I’d love to – but I’m stuck, I can’t work out how to. I’m in Zurich until January, and from then on, I’ll be in Australia….

    • eekim

      @SvenDowideit I’ll blog about what happens, and as we do more of these, we’ll explore ways of opening up participation to remote folks as well. Hopefully, we’ll make it out to Brisbane one of these days so we can do a brown bag out there! We were in Zurich last September, so it’s possible!

      • Sven Dowideit

        mmm, i emailed you, but maybe, just maybe, you’re doing a christmas thing :)