Our Values

We try to exercise mastery and restraint in our work, bringing authenticity and integrity to everything we do. While we draw on our considerable experience, we treat every new project as an opportunity to learn (or unlearn) in partnership with our clients. We focus on giving our clients the tools and muscles to do this work on their own.

When you work with a Groupaya consultant, you work with Groupaya the company and the community. We practice what we preach, drawing on each other’s knowledge and support to best serve our clients. We often bring in partners from our network who share our values around collaboration and who bring their own considerable skills to bear.

The following values inform all of our work:

  • We value learning, creating environments that support growth, innovation, and courage.
  • We seek to unleash the collective wisdom that exists in groups.
  • We focus on practice and experiments, believing practice is more important than specific processes and tools.
  • We bring authenticity to our work and create environments that encourage others to do the same.
  • We design for the whole person, as we have seen that the more we bring of ourselves to work, the more intelligent and creative we are.
  • We embrace paradoxical thinking to navigate the many tensions of a complex world.
  • We respect complexity and are comfortable guiding others through it.
  • We are committed to expanding the community of leaders equipped to help groups work more skillfully to create their future.

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