Effective Collaboration

Challenges You Face Developing healthy partnerships Getting diverse stakeholders onto the same page Creating shared understanding Engaging in collective problem solving Your Underlying Questions How do we get critical functions in our organization working better together? How do we develop thriving collaborations with our external partners? How do we align and activate our network? How do we get people who have been fighting for decades to listen to each other and develop a shared understanding of what is possible? Effective […]

Organizational Development

Challenges You Face Getting better at collaboration, innovation, learning, and decision making Shifting (or maintaining) culture, mindsets, behaviors, and results Reducing friction around getting things done Making your organization a place where people thrive Your Underlying Questions How do we create a culture of accountability? How do we get people to stop being so territorial? To stop hoarding information? To get aligned and heading in the same direction? How do I design my company for both efficiency and innovation? How […]

Participatory Strategy

Challenges You Face Developing a strategy that the whole top team can fully support Getting everyone in your organization moving in the same direction Enabling better decision making deeper in organization Your Underlying Questions How do we keep evolving our strategy? How do we design a process that engages the whole organization in thinking about our future and is tightly linked to the top team’s thinking? How do I productively engage my whole top team in strategy, yet still converge […]

Leadership Coaching

Challenges You Face Becoming a more effective leader Developing a high-performing leadership team Engaging the whole organization Your Underlying Questions How do I get my team to listen to me? How do I get my team to take initiative? How do I make my B team into an A team? How do we get everyone in the organization to take more ownership of our future success? How do we tap into the intelligence of everyone in the room, so that […]