A “Superhero” Speaks

Thanks to our delightful colleague, Rebecca Petzel, we seem to be out of the closet. As much as I enjoyed all of the superlatives in her post, she may have exaggerated a bit in describing us. This has spurred me to share some of my own thoughts on who we are, what we’re doing, and why we’re doing it. This, of course, was all part of Rebecca’s evil plan in the first place. Rebecca was being tongue-in-cheek when she described […]

Introducing Groupaya

For the past year, Kristin Cobble and Eugene Eric Kim have been sitting on a super stealth, super secret, super impactful new startup. Yesterday, these two superheroes signed a formal partnership agreement and are now ready to bring Groupaya to the world! Well, almost ready. OK, so what is Groupaya? Stay tuned! Right now we can tell you: This is the brainchild of Eugene Eric Kim and Kristin Cobble. Eugene Eric Kim has quite a reputation around collaboration: known far and wide as one […]