Meet Us at Enterprise 2.0… and Portland… and Seattle

We enjoyed hosting our first brown bag session last Thursday! This week, the whole team will be out and about, and we’d love to meet you! Kristin Cobble and Rebecca Petzel will be spending the week at Enterprise 2.0 in Santa Clara, California. Two of our past projects are going to be prominently mentioned at the keynote talks later this afternoon and tomorrow morning, so look out for those. If you’ll be around, and if you’d like to meet Kristin […]

Coaching “Triple A” Leaders to Become More People-Focused

I love coaching. I coach friends, family, and clients all the time. Whether it is a paid relationship or not, I love to help people explore how their thinking is unintentionally getting in their way of creating what they want professionally and personally, for themselves as well as for the systems of which they are a part. I often end up coaching leaders who are good at making stuff happen and have been promoted quickly as a result, but who […]

Groupaya Brown Bag Discussions

We hold learning in the highest regard. It’s a critical part of what we do with clients, and it needs to be a critical part of Groupaya the organization. In order to create more space to learn from each other, we’ve decided to start doing informal brown bag sessions every Thursday at noon at Fiore Caffe in San Francisco. And since we’re all about learning with community, we figured we’d open these up to anyone who’d like to participate. If […]

Good Goals and Strategy

As you can tell from Kristin’s recent post, we’ve all been thinking about how to set effective goals, due largely to our own internal goal prioritization process. I recently completed a detox diet that happened to coincide with this process, and I realized that it offered some lessons on what makes a good goal and a good strategy. First, some background. About five years ago, I found myself in an unhealthy cycle of working way too much, eating poorly, and […]

New Structures that Bring Us Alive

Kristin recently asked, “What are your favorite examples of where collections of individuals and organizations are coming together in new ways to create a better world?” My answer? ContactCon. Last week I had the privilege of participating in the Contact Conference, hosted by Douglas Rushkoff and Venessa Miemis. And no, this was not a conference about making contact with ET. Rather it was a conference about making contact with each other here on earth, exploring how this age of connectivity can […]