Talk vs Action

Last September, we designed and facilitated a kick-off in Zurich for an organizational change initiative within a global corporate IT division. The meeting was large (200 leaders participating) and complex (both logistically and content-wise), one of the hardest with which I’ve ever been involved. It succeeded because our design was strong, Kristin’s facilitation was skillful, and our client was exceptionally competent. As evolved as I found this particular client, I still noticed some old-guard mindsets. The biggest was around the […]

Transformation through Documentation?

A new show from Intersection for the Arts asks, what is transformation? Whoever came up with the below answer was speaking to my heart: Believe it or not, we’ve actually talked about moving beyond documentation here at Groupaya. What we like to discuss is Leaving Trails to catalyze collaboration and support emergence in groups. We know that’s how ants support emergent, collective intelligence: through leaving pheromone trails that individually may seem stupid, but collectively emerge to intelligence. When you dig in to […]

Katherine Fulton: What Brings You Alive?

Our featured superhero this week is our friend, Katherine Fulton, president of Monitor Institute. If you’ve heard her speak or read any of her writings, you already know how smart she is. But Katherine has a quality that sets her apart from many in this field. Whenever I try to describe this quality, I always think of something very small and very powerful I saw her do in 2009. At the time, I was working with a client that was grappling with public […]

Fitbit and the Power of Feedback

A few months ago, my generous friend Sue Bethanis gave me a Fitbit. When you clip one of these little one-inch devices onto your belt loop, they track how many steps and stairs you walk in a day. Though I have long taught the power of feedback to adjust behavior, this was a great reminder of how tracking our behavior can lead to new ideas for new practices and ultimately, to being more alive in the world. Initially, I didn’t […]