Measuring Impact: How You Feel Also Matters

I love playing sports and being in the outdoors, but I don’t have what you might call an active lifestyle. I go through spurts where my daily physical activity amounts to walking from my bed to my desk. I was mired in one of those phases a few months ago, when my younger sister, concerned about my sedentary ways, suggested that I enroll in a fitness bootcamp. I was reluctant (it required waking up at 5:30am) and skeptical (5:30am? Really?!), […]

How Design Can Change the World: New Kind and North Carolina’s Amendment One

Our friends at New Kind do amazing work changing the world through design and story. I spent the weekend reading the Management 2.0 Hackathon report that Chris Grams and Jonathan Opp recently published about the community process they facilitated to reinvent management. There are lots of gems in there, and I originally thought I’d riff on it here. But I found myself far more interested in sharing a more obscure project that New Kind led earlier this year, a shining example of […]

Why Knowledge Management Is a Red Herring

My friend, SJ Klein, recently wrote a provocative essay where he made the case for knowledge as a social infrastructure rather than a commodity. He starts by noting: For ages, learning was assumed to be social, interactive, oral. Written knowledge, where available and somewhat portable, was a specialized complement that few scholars, recordkeepers, explorers and other specialists used or needed. He goes on to explain that while the cost of creating texts dropped, knowledge about the world remained scarce. As a […]