Six Ideas to Improve Nonprofit Consulting

In many circles, “consultant” seems to be a dirty word. Perhaps only lawyers have a worse reputation as cash cows. I’m guessing House of Lies hasn’t helped that reputation, but at the heart of the stigma, as I see it, is a frustration at how much money consultants cost versus the impact they deliver. We can’t seem to live without them (it’s nearly impossible for any organization to sustain every capacity it could possibly need internally), but this doesn’t warm […]

New Groupaya Brown-bag: Facilitating High-Conflict Groups

Groupaya brown-bags are back! We’d love you to join us April 16th at 1pm for a conversation about navigating high conflict groups. Kristin Cobble, our coach, consultant, and facilitator extraordinaire with years of experience helping groups lean-in to conflict ┬áhas volunteered to share her experience and wisdom. We’d also love to learn from the field, so come prepared to share whatever tips you might have as well as actively listen and learn. Our goal is to explore facilitation techniques to […]