The Untapped Potential of Visual Facilitation

Last November, we organized a Visual Mapping Challenge¬†as a way to better understand and explore the power of the different visual mapping techniques we used in our work. The San Francisco Planning Department was a willing guinea pig, and we invited many colleagues and friends to participate as well. One of those friends was Jessica Ausinheiler of Monitor Institute¬†(now part of Monitor-Deloitte), who graciously contributed these thoughts inspired by her experiences from that day. The bulk of her work with […]

Aligning for Impact: A Recap

Recently I wrapped up a brief contract designing and facilitating a workshop for a great network of funders. The task was to model and explore what it would look like if this powerful and diverse community took steps to further align their work for greater impact in the field. Not only am I pleased to say the workshop went as planned, (we had clear success metrics that we hit by all counts), I’m extra pleased to say the act of […]