Reflections on Working with Conflict in Groups: What I learned from Diane Hamilton

  Every facilitator knows that conflict in groups can actually be a good thing. It is often a healthy sign that a group has established enough basic trust to raise tensions. Skillfully navigated, conflict can build trust, strengthen relationships, and enhance the effectiveness of team functioning. Poorly navigated, conflict can be a real setback for group effectiveness. That skillful navigation part is key, and a central part of professional development in our field. I for one am always interested in […]

Transitions & Reflections on The Groupaya Way

  I’m pleased to share that I have been offered a job as a senior facilitator for sustainable food and water systems work with Ag Innovations in Sebastopol, CA. This is a really exciting learning and professional development opportunity for me in a topic area very close to my heart, and I have recently transitioned to this full time role with Joseph McIntyre and a new amazing team of passionate change agents. And of course the sad news is the […]