Ahmad Mansur: What Brings You Most Alive?

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Last year, we decided to launch a series of short video blogs on our superheroes: friends, colleagues, and clients whom we admire, who are doing heroic work in their own little corner of the world, whether it be as humble as aspiring to be a great mom or as audacious as trying to change global consciousness.

We’ve been asking friends and colleagues, “What brings you most alive?”

Our first video clip is with Ahmad Mansur, a good friend and an emerging voice on leadership, innovation, and the economic growth of regions, cities, and communities. When I first met Ahmad over five years ago, I was struck by the complexity and impact of his work. He seemed to have figured out how to bring together local communities, colleges,┬ábusiness, and government together to create programs that would create more fulfilled people (because they had good jobs), happier companies (because they could find skilled employees), richer communities, and a stronger government. He wasn’t just talking about change, he was creating environments in which it was really happening. It has been a pleasure learning from him over the years about his place-based change initiatives that focus on real issues in real communities and that lead to new jobs, new stories, and new realities.