Come learn about the Delta Dialogues!



For decades, multiple interests have battled out the fate of the Northern California Delta in courtrooms, public meetings, and even private homes.

Since April 2012, Groupaya has been working with a wide-ranging group of twenty stakeholders in the California Delta in a process called the Delta Dialogues. From farmers and fisherman, to environmentalists and levee engineers, to state and federal agencies, to locally elected officials, they have been been in conversation to develop a shared understanding of the Delta’s problems, and potentially find new ways forward.

Though most Californians have never heard of it, the Delta is a critical shared resource, providing water to 25 million people throughout California and spanning three million acres of fertile land. It hosts 750 species of plants and wildlife, including more than 55 species of fish. It hosts half a million acres of farmland and is home to half a million people and 200,000 jobs. Most of the Delta is below sea level, protected by over a thousand miles of levees that need maintenance and upkeep. Should they fail on a massive scale,  Silicon Valley would flood and Southern California would lose a significant source of water. The stakes are high for everyone.

On February 6, four of these stakeholders who have participated in the Delta Dialogues will visit the UC Center to discuss what happened and whether the dialogues point to the way to peace and progress in the Delta wars.

The event is free of charge, and a light lunch will be provided.

We’d love to see you there! Please register for the event here.