Good News for Better Meetings!




I’m excited to share that my latest article, which I wrote for the super cool Zocalo ezine/website, got picked up by TIME!

It is a narrative piece about check-in’s and check-out’s, one of my favorite and easiest tools to make meetings more productive, more meaningful, and more interesting. The fact that this topic is getting picked up by top news sites is a sign, unfortunately, that too many of us are familiar with the pains of poorly run meetings.

How much time do you spend in meetings each week? How productive are the meetings? How much do you enjoy them? The real test – do you have any meetings that you actually look forward to?

I am passionate about helping leaders to ease their burden by learning how to create leadership teams, where leaders act together as a team, not just a group, for the good of the whole, not just their function.

One way to help leaders accomplish such freedom is through making their meetings a place where real thinking happens, real decisions get made, and people actually enjoy the meeting.

Read the article to learn more! We will be publishing a version here that is written for business audiences in a few weeks – stay tuned.

If the article inspires even a few leaders and a few families to experiment with check-in’s, I will feel like I have contributed to making the world a better place.