Groupaya 1.0


Groupaya 1.0

It has been 3 weeks since Eugene’s official announcement to the world that he is leaving Groupaya. Many have asked me, “What is next for Groupaya?”

Before I answer that, I want to acknowledge some of what we created together in Groupaya 1.0, the first two and a half years of Eugene, Rebecca, Amy, Betty and I, and more recently, Natalie and Dana, working together on client projects, and in building a company.

It has been an amazing journey. We have delivered great work together. We have learned so much together. We have consistently exceeded our client’s expectations. And most meaningful to me, we have developed a really sweet community, with permeable walls, that takes care of its members.

Part of what inspired Eugene and I to create Groupaya together was a shared vision about “organizational development on steroids.”

For me, “organizational development on steroids” means expanding what groups can do together, both within and beyond face-to-face meetings. It also means experimenting with ways of making development and change faster and more fun. While we experiment with our clients, we have learned the most from our experiments with ourselves.

Some of the ideas Eugene and the team have implemented, both within Groupaya and within clients, include:

  • Cross-organization project wikis – improving communication and knowledge creation, while saving a ton of time.
  • Internal chat pages – enabling us to be a virtual team, yet stay connected with what each other is working on, how we are feeling, and what we are learning.
  • “Kangaroo Court” – making a game of providing feedback to colleagues, improving both the quantity and quality of feedback, as well as the fun quotient in giving and receiving it.

Groupaya 1.0 has been all about doing great work with clients, experimenting on ourselves, and building a culture that supported the learning and growth of the team.  It was challenging to build a company from the ground up, but we learned a ton, and had a lot of fun in the process. I will be forever grateful to Eugene for starting this journey with me.

I’m still living in the question, “What is next for Groupaya?” We’ll see! Whatever comes next will build on what has already been created. And we’ll let you know when we know.