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A long time ago or perhaps more recently, you checked a box on the Groupaya website saying you would be interested in hearing from us. For the last 10+ years, we have run a quiet, successful, CEO to CEO referral consulting and coaching business. We have written articles, but only shared them with clients. We have developed tools, but only shared them with clients. We’ve designed and evolved processes , and again, only shared them with clients!

Returning to our early years, when we regularly blogged and shared what we were learning and what we were up to, we want to spread the wealth of all that we’ve learned in the last 10 years of focusing on consulting to CEO’s and top teams of venture backed, purpose driven startups and growth companies so more people can directly benefit.

Our plan is to send out little nuggets occasionally. It may be an article, a tool, a question to reflect on, a poem to inspire. PLUS: Maybe add something about calling out other thinkers, members of our network … 

PLUS: Link to website and a call to action! Perhaps something like, Forward this to other people whom you think might be interested in developing the leadership they need to get the results they want.  

Warm regards,
Kristin, Dave & Cyndi (from Kristin’s email)