Introducing Groupaya


For the past year, Kristin Cobble and Eugene Eric Kim have been sitting on a super stealth, super secret, super impactful new startup. Yesterday, these two superheroes signed a formal partnership agreement and are now ready to bring Groupaya to the world! Well, almost ready.

OK, so what is Groupaya? Stay tuned! Right now we can tell you:

  • This is the brainchild of Eugene Eric Kim and Kristin Cobble. Eugene Eric Kim has quite a reputation around collaboration: known far and wide as one of the best designers of collaborative experiences. Kristin Cobble lives and breathes organizational and leadership development. For over 20 years, she’s helped leadership teams and organizations think bigger about what is possible and then make it reality. When these two met two years ago, they recognized that if they combined forces, well, the sky could be the limit.
  • Groupaya is group + upaya. “Upaya” means “skillful means” in Sanskrit. Groups… well you know what those are. Groupaya’s main raison d’être is to help groups more skillfully work together to create a future we all want to be part of.
  • I’m Rebecca Petzel. In my previous life, I ran around with a group of friends who called themselves collaboration ninjas. I like to help rag-tag social entrepreneurs unlock their potential through intelligent, super impactful collaborations. I’m helping Eugene and Kristin bring their collective wisdom to the world, and will be documenting the journey here. Here’s to hoping I don’t embarrass any of us too much.

OK, that’s enough for now. Please stay-tuned and share what you think as Groupaya unfolds!

  • hyumaf

    @ Rebecca Petzl, I’m watching this space!

  • davidgljay

    Are you targeting/testing with a particular class of groups? Curious to learn more….

    • Rapetzel

      Hi David! Great question. So far we’ve been playing mostly in global collaborations (across physical and cultural divides) within a traditional organizational structure. But that is by no means where we plan to be limited over the coming year. One of our commitments as a group is to share what we’re learning, and search for patterns/principles that apply in different modes of organizing.

      • NilsJK

        Yesss, two of my awesome sustainability friends from different circles are talking about exciting things on a blog! (Hi! Hi!) Do you know each other yet? You’re both in SF…Also, Rebecca, this sounds exciting though tantalizingly vague so far! :-) I’ll look forward to reading future updates.

        • Rapetzel

          Yes David Jay and I fortunately know each other – and I love that Groupaya is already helping make connections between our network of passionate collaborators saving the world… good sign for the future :) And good to hear from you as always Nils!

    • eekim

      @davidgljay Hi David! We want to work with groups who are doing something positive for society, preferably something hard. We will intentionally not be narrow in the groups with whom we work, as diversity leads to richer learning.

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