Make the World

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Last night, I was winding down after a very long day, when I saw these wonderful words from my friend Rachel Weidinger fill up my Twitter stream. Here’s to my worldmaking friends and friends-to-be!

Make the World

Inspirational words from my friend and fellow worldmaker, Rachel Weidinger.

Storified by Eugene Eric Kim · Mon, Apr 30 2012 23:22:00

We make the world. Change the world, piffle. Make the world.Rachel Weidinger
We call the world into being with our choices and our actions. Choose wisely. Choose compassionately. Chose your lens with care.Rachel Weidinger
We call the world into being together. We help or hinder the making of the world. Each one stewards or exploits.Rachel Weidinger
I’m done changing the world. I’m done saving the world. We are making the world. Let’s be diligent about it.Rachel Weidinger
Make dinner. Make community. Make experiences. Make choices available. Make freedom. Make love. Make beauty. Make life. Make insight.Rachel Weidinger
Make the city. Make the school. Make a living. Make the government. Make the internet. Make culture. Make stories. Make truth. Make hope.Rachel Weidinger
Make your life. Make your home. Make your work. Make your community. Make your family. Make your friends. Make your network. Forge it all.Rachel Weidinger
Get calluses making the world. Make some of the world over and over until you get it right. Ask for help making the world. Pop a blister.Rachel Weidinger
Learn to world-make alone. Apprentice yourself to a worldmaker. Surround yourself with other worldmakers. Find those who make the world.Rachel Weidinger