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If you upload a really big image, WP will optimize it automagically, e.g., reduce resolution to screen-relevant resolution

But you can also MANUALLY resize/optimize:

  • can use any photo tool, like Photoshop Elements
  • crop the image so you only get the bits of the image you want
  • work out how many pixels you need it to be wide
    • press F12 and select element (e.g., width of text)
    • box at bottom will show you size in pixels
  • go back and resize to required width
  • save “for web” – optimize for JPEG
  • you can end up with a smaller file size (e.g., half) than the wordpress automatic optimize – may lose some quality

You may only want 1/2 width

  • use Photoshop to resize the image to 1/2 width (e.g., 1/2 the number of pixels wide)
  • e.g., enables text flowing around it

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