Brown Bag: Leadership Tools & Practices for Large-Scale Change in Cities, with Ahmad Mansur

“The world’s public and private sector leaders believe that a rapid escalation in ‘complexity’ is the biggest challenge confronting them.… They identify ‘creativity’ as the single most leadership competency for seeking a path through this complexity.” – IBM CEO Study (2010) Leaders face enormous challenges in cities, regions and communities, from low-performing educational systems, public safety threats to crumbling infrastructures, housing shortages, workforce challenges, and environmental concerns. These problems are complex, multi-directional and cannot be solved with one leader, entity or […]

Ahmad Mansur: What Brings You Most Alive?

Last year, we decided to launch a series of short video blogs on our superheroes: friends, colleagues, and clients whom we admire, who are doing heroic work in their own little corner of the world, whether it be as humble as aspiring to be a great mom or as audacious as trying to change global consciousness. We’ve been asking friends and colleagues, “What brings you most alive?” Our first video clip is with Ahmad Mansur, a good friend and an […]