Katherine Fulton: What Brings You Alive?

Our featured superhero this week is our friend, Katherine Fulton, president of Monitor Institute. If you’ve heard her speak or read any of her writings, you already know how smart she is. But Katherine has a quality that sets her apart from many in this field. Whenever I try to describe this quality, I always think of something very small and very powerful I saw her do in 2009. At the time, I was working with a client that was grappling with public […]

Tetsu Suzuki: What Brings You Most Alive?

I consider myself fortunate to know Tetsu Suzuki, a senior project management superhero at Genentech. I have a few suspicions about what makes Tetsu so skillful in managing complex, uncertain projects. He’s organized, responsive, and does everything you need to be an outstanding project manager. He also brings so much more: he is authentic, agile, and embraces collaboration in a way that seems to bring out the best in everyone around him. Tetsu’s response to our question, “What brings you most […]

Will the Values of Millennials Save Us?

As Rebecca mentioned, while at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, we watched an inspiring talk by Molly Graham, Manager, Culture and Employment Branding at Facebook. Molly re-framed the Millennial generation, helping us to see that some of their stereotypical qualities, which are often perceived as negative, have actually been critical in creating their highly adaptive, change-loving, super successful company. Describing Facebook as a Millennial company, because of its values of building trust, focusing on impact, moving fast, being bold, and being open, Molly […]