Brown Bag: Leadership Tools & Practices for Large-Scale Change in Cities, with Ahmad Mansur

“The world’s public and private sector leaders believe that a rapid escalation in ‘complexity’ is the biggest challenge confronting them.… They identify ‘creativity’ as the single most leadership competency for seeking a path through this complexity.” – IBM CEO Study (2010) Leaders face enormous challenges in cities, regions and communities, from low-performing educational systems, public safety threats to crumbling infrastructures, housing shortages, workforce challenges, and environmental concerns. These problems are complex, multi-directional and cannot be solved with one leader, entity or […]

New Groupaya Brown-bag: Facilitating High-Conflict Groups

Groupaya brown-bags are back! We’d love you to join us April 16th at 1pm for a conversation about navigating high conflict groups. Kristin Cobble, our coach, consultant, and facilitator extraordinaire with years of experience helping groups lean-in to conflict  has volunteered to share her experience and wisdom. We’d also love to learn from the field, so come prepared to share whatever tips you might have as well as actively listen and learn. Our goal is to explore facilitation techniques to […]

Brown Bag: Participatory Strategic Planning

I’ve just started working with an arts learning and leadership network. We’re leading them through a highly participatory visioning and strategic planning process. This project is particularly unique because we have very ambitious goals for the process, but we’re planning on being extremely light touch as facilitators and consultants. In particular, the process will center around self-organized, meaningful conversations. We expect most of the meetings to be self-organized by stakeholders, and we won’t be at most of them. In other […]

Updating Democracy’s Operating System: Groupaya Brown Bag Discussion

This Thursday’s brown bag discussion will be about innovations in participatory governance. We’ll explore why the time is now to reinvigorate the democratic system, identify different experiments to bring participation back in to government and governance, and attempt to make sense of the field. We’d love for people to come prepared to share and have a dialogue around different models they’ve seen, what is working, and what could be next in all these exciting efforts to re-boot the democratic process. In case […]

Groupaya Brown Bag Discussions

We hold learning in the highest regard. It’s a critical part of what we do with clients, and it needs to be a critical part of Groupaya the organization. In order to create more space to learn from each other, we’ve decided to start doing informal brown bag sessions every Thursday at noon at Fiore Caffe in San Francisco. And since we’re all about learning with community, we figured we’d open these up to anyone who’d like to participate. If […]