Where have all the Corporate Values Statements gone?

Recently, I was sent down a values statement wormhole with a simple client research assignment. The task: gather the values statements of leading edge Silicon Valley high tech companies.  The goal: review the values statements of these “cool firms” for ideas about how our client might make their values more appealing to their increasingly hip and Millennial workforce. The sample: 8 leading companies: Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tesla, Genentech, Electronic Arts, Zappos.  The surprising finding: half of these companies seemed […]

Building a Culture of Openness

This morning, I saw this exchange on my Twitter stream between Dennis Whittle and John S. Bracken: [View the story “Building a Culture of Openness” on Storify] Building a Culture of Openness Storified by Eugene Eric Kim · Wed, Oct 31 2012 07:35:11 Great conf on how open data can hold govt to account. @ethanz alone would be worth price of ticket: http://openup12.org/agenda/ @OmidyarNetworkDennis Whittle @EthanZ @DennisWhittle @OmidyarNetwork I have emailed to ask for an invitation, though doubt I am […]

Code for America: Hacking City Government, Not Just Apps

I spent this past week at the second annual Code for America Summit, a showcase for Code for America 2012 projects and a meeting of the minds for the Gov 2.0 community. Code for America has been getting a lot of well-deserved press this past year, in part because of the amazing work they’ve done in just two years and also because of founder, Jen Pahlka’s fantastic TED talk. My colleague, Rebecca Petzel, had the pleasure of facilitating a strategy workshop for them last […]

Five Enterprise 2.0 Superheroes

Kristin and I spent the week at Enterprise 2.0. To be transparent, while we were both looking forward to connecting with inspiring friends and colleagues, we also came with a bit of trepidation. What if this conference was all technologists having highly technical conversations about architecting new tools? While we love a well-designed collaboration tool, we do what we do because we are inspired by creating thriving cultures, high-performing collaborations, achieving the unimaginable, and redefining the way work gets done to bring people alive. […]