The Secret Life of Groups

In the early 90’s, when I was first starting out as an organizational development consultant, I worked with a man who seemed to have X-ray vision. When it came to working with groups, he was able to see things that no one else could see. He saw patterns in their interactions, he could predict what was going to happen, and he knew how to help them become more effective. His name was David Kantor. An original thinker and contributor to […]

Brown Bag: The Secret Life of Groups

Have you ever worked on a good team that you knew had the potential to be a great team, but somehow just didn’t happen? Are you curious about why groups — be they a family, a leadership team, or a project team — sometimes get stuck? Do you ever wonder how to un-stick them? If so, come to this Thursday’s brown bag lunch, where I will be sharing a framework that makes visible the invisible dynamics of groups, based on […]