Where have all the Corporate Values Statements gone?

Recently, I was sent down a values statement wormhole with a simple client research assignment. The task: gather the values statements of leading edge Silicon Valley high tech companies.  The goal: review the values statements of these “cool firms” for ideas about how our client might make their values more appealing to their increasingly hip and Millennial workforce. The sample: 8 leading companies: Google, Apple, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tesla, Genentech, Electronic Arts, Zappos.  The surprising finding: half of these companies seemed […]

Bringing Human Back

I had the privilege of spending the afternoon with Lain Shakespeare. Lain is not only my favorite descendant of famed storytellers Joel Chandler Harris and Shakespeare, he’s also my favorite MailChimp employee. He’s spent the past year serving as an ambassador between MailChimp and social change organizations. And he’s loved every second of it. I can’t think of the last time I heard a millennial so happy and enthusiastic about their job and organization. For those of you who don’t know, […]

Will the Values of Millennials Save Us?

As Rebecca mentioned, while at the Enterprise 2.0 conference, we watched an inspiring talk by Molly Graham, Manager, Culture and Employment Branding at Facebook. Molly re-framed the Millennial generation, helping us to see that some of their stereotypical qualities, which are often perceived as negative, have actually been critical in creating their highly adaptive, change-loving, super successful company. Describing Facebook as a Millennial company, because of its values of building trust, focusing on impact, moving fast, being bold, and being open, Molly […]