Tetsu Suzuki: What Brings You Most Alive?

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I consider myself fortunate to know Tetsu Suzuki, a senior project management superhero at Genentech.

I have a few suspicions about what makes Tetsu so skillful in managing complex, uncertain projects. He’s organized, responsive, and does everything you need to be an outstanding project manager. He also brings so much more: he is authentic, agile, and embraces collaboration in a way that seems to bring out the best in everyone around him.

Tetsu’s response to our question, “What brings you most alive?”, gives us insight into his secret sauce. He highlights how alive he feels working through change. I’d conjecture that it is rare to truly embrace change on this level, and I ¬†suspect that this is part of what makes him a great leader amongst his peers. He also stays connected to what really matters: the mission behind his work and his loving family at home.

Please enjoy this small insight into one of our favorite colleagues: