Social Capitalism: Converting Financial to Social Currency

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I’ve always loved thinking about how the future might look different from today. In high school and college, I actually read and couldn’t put down all of my parents’ futurist books! Who remembers Megatrends and The Age of Unreason? As a consultant, I’ve seen that people consistently come alive when they get to discuss how trends, uncertainties, and new technologies could create new opportunities. Groups shift from fear to excitement, from paralysis to action, from ineffective action to intelligent experimentation and real results.

The following blog, written by Dan Robles, and the accompanying video, Social Capitalism: The Next Economic Paradigm, point to a way of doing business and marketing business that could completely change how businesses and consumers interact. The video, while long and sometimes dry, reveals a future where individuals have as much power as corporations, social media is truly integral to the business plan, innovation thrives, and financial currency is converted to social currency.

That’s a world I’d like to live in.

What are your favorite examples of where collections of individuals and organizations are coming together in new ways to create a better world?