Why Groupaya?


It was exciting to officially Introduce Groupaya to the world last week. And trust us, we know there’s still a lot more to be explained. In one of our very first comments, David Jay asked a great starting question: what groups are you planning to work with?

Great question David. Eugene summed it up well, responding:

“We want to work with groups who are doing something positive for society, preferably something hard. We will intentionally not be narrow in the groups with whom we work, as diversity leads to richer learning.”

As this comment illuminates, we’re pretty obsessed with impact and learning. Why? Because we’re in this game to save the world (to put it mildly). In fact, increasing impact is a large part of the reason Kristin and Eugene started this crazy thing.

Prior to 2010, they were both thriving in their individual work to help groups work together more skillfully. Upon meeting, the quickly realized that their breadth of experience and approaches to harnessing and bringing out collective wisdom – enabling groups to achieve the unimaginable – were complementary. And more importantly, their values were aligned as to the importance of such work in building a more sustainable future. They suspected that by combining forces, they could add value to groups (and the world) far beyond either of their individual capacity. And this strong belief and commitment to making an impact is what led me, Rebecca, to join this crazy adventure.

We’ve been trying to express this vision, this belief, the ultimate inspiration behind Why Groupaya Does What It Does, and we think we’re close in this beautiful graphic below (originally sketched by Eugene, brought to life by Amy Wu Wong). But we’d love your feedback as we continue to adapt our vision.

Do you have a sense of Why We Do What We Do from this picture? Does it inspire you to join the Groupaya movement?